Onsite Services

Maglancers is the premier provider of IT solutions and support services, with an extensive network of highly experienced and qualified professionals covering a diverse range of expertise available in 70+ countries across the world.

We help your company manage and maintain valuable resources and infrastructure with industry-leading services that fit within your budget and are specifically catered to meet deadlines and individual requirements with dedication and integrity.

For desktop, server and network support that involves troubleshooting and issue resolution, our team of talented professionals is always prepared to help you get the best out of your resources, while saving you time and money to ensure that disruptions and interruptions to your business are kept at a bare minimum.

No matter what the issue, we work with your company to resolve and address any malfunction, disruption, or maintenance required to help bring greater efficiency, productivity, and security to your business and resources along with packages and solutions designed to meet your needs in the best possible manner at all times.

Our Services

Network and Data Center

  • Internet Architecture and Infrastructure Support
  • LAN/WAN/Wireless/Voice Installations & De-Installations
  • Data Center Solutions and Troubleshooting
  • Smart Hands Support For Data-Center Implementations, Configurations, Upgrades, Changes, Or Relocations.

Survey and Evaluation

  • LAN/WAN/Wireless/Voice Site Surveys
  • Documenting IT Infrastructure & Cabling Requirements.
  • Circuit Or Internet Line Pre & Post Surveys.
  • Pre & Post Wireless Site Surveys Using Recommended Tools.

Testing and Inspection

  • Network Equipment Testing, Inspections And Troubleshooting
  • Providing Remote Tech With Console Access Or Configure It Ourselves

EUC & Desktop Support

  • Desktop & EUC Support: IMAC, Troubleshooting, Changes, Moves, Hardware Tests
  • Server Infrastructure: IMAC, Troubleshooting, Changes, Moves, Hardware Tests
  • Network Support and Maintenance
  • Smart Hands Support For Installing ISP Circuits Or Internet Lines Or WAN Equipment.

Our Qualified Team

Our team consists of highly trained individuals with extensive experience that are always available on-demand. We deliver services that match a substantial range of industry standards, subjected to multiple levels of quality control and pre & post evaluation, to ensure that each requirement is fulfilled in the best possible manner.

With resources and personnel in more than 70 countries worldwide, our team is always ready to deliver top-notch services at the earliest.

Our team works diligently to ensure that all deadlines and schedules are met so that you don't have to suffer from undue delays and setbacks.

With our quick resolution and troubleshooting, you can be assured that disruptions to your business can remain at a minimum. Only the most relevant and essential costs are generated for your requirements.

Our project managers supervise each task with keen attention and detail making sure that every aspect of our projects receive the same amount of diligent focus and consideration.

24x7 Customer Support

Our dedicated team is available for support and consultation 24x7. We believe in building lasting relations with each of the clients. That is why we complete each project with a concrete philosophy of integrity and accountability.

We are here to support your requirements and help you translate your vision into stable and secure IT infrastructures that can streamline your work environment. It provides your company with all the tools it needs for maximum growth.

Tailor-Made Packages

Each of our services is custom-designed and tailor-made based on individual and specific requirements of your company. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. That is why we carefully evaluate and understand your needs and requirements before crafting a custom solution that can cover each aspect of your vision.

We work closely with your business to ensure clarity and confidence in each step we take. That is why we deliver exclusive packages and tailored quotes that perfectly reflect and respect your business requirements and considers the entirety of your ideas.

Our services are specifically designed to respect your budget considerations, and we provide the most cost-effective and least time-consuming solutions to all your corporate IT support needs.

With an extensive network of engineers and qualified professionals, we bring all types of relevant expertise to help you make the best of your budget and time while ensuring that your work gets done by some of the best in the industry.

Convenience, Efficiency, Precision

Getting the right person for the job can mean the difference between success and failure. Companies having to deal with sudden disruptions can not afford to suffer delays and interruptions as it can cost valuable resources. With the right support and technical expertise, you can not only save your company from inconvenience and disruptions, you can also ensure that your valuable resources are secured from loss.

No Hassle Troubleshooting

With our services, you can skip the hassle of staffing and logistics to declutter your organization's objectives. Disruptions in the workflow can have severe effects on your business's productivity, and their timely resolution is always important. Our team will be at your premises and on the task as soon as they get the call, ensuring that you can focus on the success of your business, without having to handle the consequences of small inconveniences that can be treated in no time with the right support.

Efficient Resolution

With our on-site IT and technical support services, you get the chance to quickly and immediately troubleshoot and resolve all issues, from software to hardware and network resources, our experts will be at your doorstep in no time to help save your time and money by acting quickly and efficiently including upgrading your company’s resources, adding new functionality and installing specialized software across the company, we are with you every step of the way. We’ll handle everything to make sure you don’t have to worry about hold-ups and obstructions to your work.

Clearly Defined Objectives

We make sure that your objectives are clearly understood and met within schedule for the most efficient resolution to your requirements.

  • Deployment Of New Technology
  • Enterprise Migrations And Related Services
  • Scheduling Within Your Existing Timeline
  • Management Of On-Site Resources

Whatever the issue may be, our team will respond quickly and efficiently to help you and your employees work seamlessly without worrying about delays and setbacks that can arise due to technical issues with your company resources. Make the right choice for your business with Maglancers.

Advanced Services

Even if your requirements are more complex than simply installing new software, our team of skilled professionals can deliver extensive specialized services to your company for any IT related technical support that you may need.